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Shipping & Returns

We use courier services such as DHL, SF Express speed post or send your order. Based on the weight and volume of your order and your delivery address, we will choose a suitable carrier to give, to send your order. Couriers to offer a monitoring service from collection to delivery. If you have questions, please contact us

Freight and delivery time depends on the volume of items you buy and the packaging, quantity and weight of shipments and delivery options order quantity. To confirm the payment sent.

Delivery addresses Some remote areas may produce more. Transit time from collection to delivery depending on the delivery address.

More Information

* We do not offer a guaranteed supply of Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year.

Different Stock Availability - If you select different items available time, we will be your order, all items are ready.

Send work orders - even though we try to make all of our orders to send the order of the day, this may not always be possible for the following reasons:

Pre-orders - for pre-order product or a product not in stock, the time schedule of the order given on the website

Checks credit cards - sometimes we have to carry out additional checks on your credit card may delay your order.

Shirt - that requires, for example, and other custom name, number and add a badge may need more days, are ready to be sent before the shirt.

Available in the project - if occasionally a great demand for a certain product, we need to renew our suppliers. If this is the case, of days, you can take a couple, on the details page of the product. For example, "7 Days":

Non-Ship address can - the contract for reasons that we can not provide certain locations in Asia-Pacific. If and when a delivery or billing address country to come in is not listed, we will not accept your order to the address provided.

International Shipping - any taxes or duties levied once the package reaches the destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be paid by the recipient. We have no control over these charges law can not predict what they might be. Customs vary greatly from country to country, you may need more information, contact the local customs office.

PO Box - Please note that we do not ship to PO Box address.

Stock - our goal is to realize all orders, and keep not delivered to a minimum. If we can not give any instructions to go in order to later was brought from the United States reported to us within 30 days. We will not accept the United States after the order has been taken within 30 days from the date of the report undelivered orders our responsibility.

We hope that your purchase with us.

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