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Summary Privacy Policy

This summary of the key points you read the privacy policy. What is it? In our privacy policy, we have established what we do and do not use personal data. The purpose of this summary is familiar to you, it is not possible to obtain any rights from this paragraph. All chapters read our privacy policy? Go to the Table of Contents.

In some cases, we need you to provide some information. As you will receive our newsletter? Then, we need your e-mail address to send them to you. If you put so obviously we need your address in order so that we can offer packages to your home. use your information for internal purposes only and do research, including customer behavior to improve our services. not sell personal information to other parties without your permission. Sometimes when dealing with personal data, we (a) causing the processor. Such as DHL and Afterpay process your order. With these (sub-) processors, we protect and secure appropriate arrangements for your personal information. Finally, all the personal data we store, safely stored in a database., which notification processing of personal data of the Data Protection Agency.

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